Nashville vacation, part 2

The previous post was about our hike in the Old Stone Fort Archaeological State Park. On the second day of my vacation, we started off at the Nashville Zoo. I’m a little bit spoiled by living near Calgary, where’s there’s an excellent large zoo, but the Nashville Zoo was pretty fantastic. The habitat for the elephants was huge (big enough for them to be able to get well away from people, if they want to), and they have a really cool kangaroo enclosure that allows people to get close to the kangaroos, but only on the kangaroo’s terms. People are only allowed on the path, but there’s lots of space for the kangaroos if they don’t feel like being around the people.

After the zoo, we headed down town to wander around. We made our first stop at the library, because I love libraries and felt the need to visit it. Holy smokes, it was gorgeous! Marble, marble, marble, and lovely little details everywhere. Down town Nashville in general is beautiful. There were so many lovely old buildings or buildings designed to fit in with the old buildings. It made me happy and a little homesick for my home town (Edmonton isn’t very old, all considering, so there aren’t as many old buildings, and a lot of things were constructed during booms that happened to occur during some of my least favourite decades, in terms of design).

Anyway, we wandered around, spending most of our time around the Capital Building and the Bicentennial Mall (not a shopping mall, but a large area or promenade where people can enjoy the outdoors). This place put Edmonton’s Legislative Grounds to shame. In fact, pretty much everything about Nashville, which is one of Edmonton’s sister cities, put Edmonton to shame. Again, it was all old or designed to look old and the Mall had a lot of great historic information and some very smart design ideas, including a giant map of Tennessee and some lovely tributes to veterans.

Joanne felt that it was her duty to make sure that I saw 2nd Ave, which is the hub of down town night life in Nashville. Even on a Tuesday night, it was busy and noisy (pretty much every bar had a band playing, as far as I could tell). Not my scene at all, but at least I can claim that I’ve been there and that I saw the Elvis statue.

Cloud leopard
Marble books at the downtown Nashville library
Gorgeous sculpture at the downtown Nashville library
Capital Building
Old column
Court of 3 Stars

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