Autumn in Edmonton

Yesterday, I shared a few pictures from my trip to Larch Sanctuary. Today, I thought I’d share a few random pictures I took on my way home from the sanctuary (it’s a long trip for me, even when someone’s nice enough to drop me off at the nearest train station).

It’s autumn in Edmonton. autumn is my absolute favourite season. I love the changing colours, the crisp air, the promise of no more days that are too hot to bare for a few more months, and even the low, harsh looking sun. It’s also one of the seasons that can make me very homesick because autumn colours in Edmonton are pretty pathetic compared to autumn colours in Nova Scotia. Aside from a few random shrubs and plants, Edmonton turns yellow in autumn. A dusty looking yellow, at that. In fact, the first year I was here, I was horrified at how dirty the river valley trees looked and assumed it was air pollution (while I won’t discount the idea of air pollution, as this is a big and busy city, I’m pretty sure most of the dusty look comes from the splotchy look of the leaves, like this and this).

Yellow and blue
Actually, I think this may have been taken in Ottawa. But, you get the idea.

Back home, there are a million and one different tree species who’s colours range from deep burgundy to brilliant yellow. It’s a glorious orchestra of all my least favourite colours (which begs the question: why do I love it so much?).

Here are a few examples of what autumn colours should be I found on Flickr: Lake Thomas in Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada, by laszlofromhalifax and Natures[sic] Colour Chart, by Amanda White. Or, this golorious picture:

Fall Colours
Fall colours, by Peter Morgan

How gorgeous is that?! It’s taken just outside of Halifax. Larch Sanctuary had more then just yellow, but it did not have such rich and vibrant colours.

All that said, there’s still a lot of beauty to be found in between my bouts of longing. Though the leaves have started to change, there’s still bits of vibrant green and odds and ends of hearty flowers still thriving despite the cold weather we had recently. So, Edmonton autumn, here’s to you and your attempts to woo me into submission. After 8 years, you might finally be winning me over.


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