Data collection with EALT

This weekend I assisted with data collection at the Edmonton Area Land Trust’s newest property, Boisvert’s Greenwood (for those not familiar with French, that’s Greenwood’s Greenwood, ha!). It’s a lovely forested area surrounded by farmer’s fields and virtually untouched, aside from a dugout, a few buildings, a trail, and a patio by the dugout. The donor’s husband had used it as a little get-away and kept it mostly untouched (he didn’t even allow hunting on it).

Our task was two-fold:

  • Feed the local mosquito population (seriously! I don’t remember the last time I used as much bug spray or got as badly bitten)
  • Gather information about the property (plant and animal species, as well as a few GPS marked reference photos)

I was in charge of noting the GPS locations for reference photos and a few landmarks. I also helped with plant identification and took a bunch of pictures (technically, they were for myself, but I always share them on EALT’s Flickr group pool).

It was a really nice day, but the humidity and thick undergrowth (which hide all the fallen trees) made walking through the property difficult and tiring work, once we veered off the trail. Worst was when we were passing a particularly wet spot where the mosquitoes were out in full force. We all stopped to reapply copious amounts of bug repellent, which mostly helped. In the end, we hiked about 8 km and gathered lots of useful information. Also, I took a whole bunch of pictures. Here are a few. The rest can be found at the bottom of my EALT Flickr album.

Horsetail & unknown shrub (?)
Northern Pearl Crescent (ID not verified)
Macoun's buttercup

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