Big snow and a weird photo filter

… for Edmonton. The snow that is. It was a big snow for Edmonton, which usually doesn’t get much more then a few centimetres at a time.

Last Thursday we got as much (more?) snow in one day as we usually get in all of March. That’s Spring for ya. Shows up, and tosses us some winter weather. Spring can be a real bastard.

Surprisingly, we weren’t sent home early. Random managers started telling people who lived far away to leave (especially after highways and major roads started being shut down), and my team was eventually told to go, but for me, it’s actually better to wait for most people to be gone as it means fewer cars to try and run me over. By the time I left, I knew I was in for a hell of a walk – lots of crappy snow on slick ice. Fun! So, why not just make it worth my while and hike down through the river valley trail.

O.M.G! It was so slippery. Even with my ice grippers on, I nearly wiped out every few metres. I was so relieved to get to the part that was flat (where wiping out means landing on your butt, but without the risk of then sliding on your butt several meters down a slick slope). Even on flat trail, I still struggled with slipping. And, deep snow. Holy smokes, I’d forgotten how hard it is to fight through deep snow (a clear indication that we rarely get more than a few centimetres at a time). By the time I got to the stairs, which I can usually manage with only one rest (I can do about 60 stairs at a time), I barely had enough strength to make it up 20 or 30 stairs at a time. I was so tired by the time I got to the top that I nearly wailed in despair when I saw/remembered that there are 7 more steps to go up after you reach the top platform. Once safely at the top, I resolved to go straight to Planet Organic and buy a meal that would require nothing more complicated than 30 seconds in the microwave, because I was done for the day. Spent. Exhausted.

…despite that, it was a really great walk. It was so quiet on the trail, I saw a number of berautiful dogs taking their owners for walks, and I stopped to enjoy the birds at the bird feeder. I do not regret taking the slippery trail, but next time I might head for the stairs so that I can avoid slipping down hill. Also, I took pictures with a really odd filter (Reto Camera app, Hipsteroku filter option – it turned everything weirdly pink and I don’t think that I be using it very often, if at all).

Snow, as far as the eye can see:

Quiet, snowy trail:

There are birds in this picture, honest! Actually, I did take a video, so you could hear their lovely chatter and the lack of traffic noise, but I forgot that I have to hold my cell a certain way because with video, there is only one way up :/
Hidden birds

The snow was mostly mid-calf, with areas of nearly knee deep and these few rare bits of shallow snow:
Covered in snow

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