Quiet Sunday

I didn’t go for a bit of a hike this weekend, like I had planned. The only walking I got done was to and from the grocery store. Fortunately, it’s a decent walk and there’s a wee park I can walk through if I go one block out of my way (by “park”, I really mean “small green space” – we have quiet a few nice ones peppered throughout the city).

It had snowed the night before, so despite carrying a heavy backpack full of groceries and having to listen to unusually squeaky snow as I walked (it literally squeaks, like high pitched mice, but amplified), I couldn’t help but be in a good mood. I was a bit disappointed to not find anything particularly interesting to take a picture of on the way to the grocery store, but as soon as I left, I at least had this fascinating sky to enjoy.When I got to the park, I was greeted by a snow covered wonderland, spoon shaped leaves holding delicate clusters of snowflakes (oh, I wish I had been tall enough to get a better picture of them), leaves at face level, and plenty of opportunities for stereotypical branches-in-sky shoots (I love them, no matter how many I see). Oh, and branched heavy with frozen crab apples. I do not want to walk under these when the weather warms up enough for them to either start falling off or start defrosting into mush.

After my walk, I spent a nice quiet day at home. It was very much lacking in excitement, which is fine by me.







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