Day 3: Clouds

I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of November, despite it being from August 2011, I’ve decided to use this list for my daily prompts.

Day 3 of the photo challenge required taking a picture of clouds. It was one of those grey days where all you see is hazy grey as far as the eye can see. So, yeah, cloud covered, but nothing interesting by way of cloud pictures. I could have swapped days, but what’s the fun in making things easy? Instead, I decided to create my own clouds. Of course, I didn’t make very many before I got distracted and started playing with playing with water colour in general.

Here are my two favourite attempts at clouds. Fun cartoony clouds (exactly what I was in the mood for tonight):

E had a grey sky day, so I had to make my own clouds #photochallenge #clouds #watercolour

And, a sad attempt at realistic clouds (needless to say, I really need to learn the proper way to do water colour clouds):

I think I might need to look up how to do proper #watercolour #clouds

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