Rainbow quilt top

I bought a couple of rainbow (or, colour wheel, as the seller called it) charm packs from fromthebluechair  couple of weeks ago and decided right away that I would use them all together to make a rainbow quilt. It was at the beginning of last week – otherwise know as the week of hell, thanks to a lovely heat wave – so I was going to keep it really simple. But, yeah, I can’t do that, despite the fact that it would have looked quite nice:

Rainbow quilt: original idea

Instead, I decided to cut all my 5×5 inch squares into quarters …

Rainbow quilt: mini squares

… add a few extra squares from my scraps, then line line them up as diamonds:

Rainbow quilt: mini squares

It’s all skewed, but I think it will make a lovely quilt top. I’ll be working on it during my few free hours today.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow quilt top

  1. It’s about half done now, but I’ve been slacking in the sewing department. It’s on my to-do list for this weekend, but I still haven’t decided what to use for the back.


  2. When we were in NL we saw two amazing quilts on display at the Craft Council gallery. The pictures do not do the quilts any justice.

    It is impossible to see in the picture but all the light and dark blue is hand quilted with the stiches following the variations in tone of the dye.

    This quilt is stunning in person. The colours are washed out and pink in the photo. The quilt is reversible with the back having a complementary pattern.

    There were several like the following which is described as:

    “Judy Cooper – Fishing Shed, Quidi Vidi
    Mixed media using textiles, free motion stitching, hand stitching. Composition form a photo taken by artist.”


  3. Oh, oh, oh. That last one is amazing. I’ve seen some really amazing “painting with thread” and some really amazing quilts, but that’s exceptional!

    And, here’s her Flickr stream (amazing work!): http://www.flickr.com/photos/highland222/

    The other quilts are amazing, too. I can’t imaging the amount of time they would have taken. All those little blocks and precision sewing. Amazing.


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