I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with lomography. I think it’s fun to play with film cameras and not know what the results will be, but I get annoyed with how long it takes me to get anything posted (first I have to get around to developing the film, then I have to get around to scanning it) and I really suck at keeping track of what I took pictures of or which camera I was using. I started keeping track of things (at least at a very high level, ex: “bunch of random pics around the house May 2010”), but I still have a few mystery rolls of film.

Several months ago I finally got around to developing 14 rolls of film and those negatives have been sitting around waiting for me to do something with them ever since. But, I finally started working on them this past weekend. I started with some mystery rolls and test rolls (I take a roll of film and use it to learn how the camera functions, hoping that I might get a few good shots in the process), which produced a whole whack of pictures … most of which were under exposed, boring or just crap. Ah well. I found a few interesting ones in the lot.

Here’s a sampling. There are a few more over on Flickr.

Look up



Building ghosts

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