McKay Avenue School

I recently had the chance to visit the McKay Avenue School. Twice, actually, but I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures the first time. This time, I tucked my camera in my pocket and snapped a few quickies in the 5 minutes I had to spare. It’s one of the few historic sites I’ve been to in Edmonton. It’s a lovely old building set up with meeting and educational rooms, but also with lots of interesting displays. And, fantastic bathrooms (actually, the girls bathroom in the basement is kind of creepy).

Here’s a few pictures. There’s more on Flickr.

Legislative Chamber

Legislative Chamber. The row in the back is a seperate “Ladies gallery”.

Seating area

This is the siting room that you first walk into when heading for the ladies washroom. The saloon-style doors in the mirror lead to the toilet stalls.

Toilet stalls

Marble and real wood toilet stalls. Back in the day, ladies peed in style.

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