Meow-y Christmas

This ornament was given to me in the early 80’s. When the whole family where still living under one roof (i.e., not all grown up and living in different provinces), there were a couple of these (each kid got their own) and the tree looked fabulous as it was covered in lovely hand crafted ornaments. No tree topper, but plenty of tropical birds Now there’s just my own ornaments and I realized this year that I’m in serious need of some more. I have a disproportionately large number of felt critters (most of which are birds or fish). I need a bit more variety. So, over the next year, I need to implement Operation More Ornaments. I started yesterday during lunch by buying two Gnomes (and lady and a gent, cuz I’m apparently boring and heteronormative at heart). This weekend I’m going to look for some typical shiny round glass ornaments and for ribbon or beads (can’t decide which I prefer) to add a bit of bling. Or, maybe I’ll make my own garland (idea, idea and idea). Than I need to start looking for ideas to make some nice non-felt ornaments through out the year.

I think that I may also retire a few of my ornaments. Though they all have sentimental value (someone close to the family made them or bought them for us), there are a few that just aren’t on par with the others. I’ll keep them, but I won’t put them on the tree.

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