House plants

I love house plants. Love, love, love them. I never really feel at home unless there’s a bit of life around and plants are so easy to take care of, so I tend to have a few. I even had a bunch in my last apartment where I hardly had any sunlight (NE facing basement – I had a little  sun in the morning, but mostly kept my blinds shut so no one could see in). I wouldn’t say they grew, but they survived: there was just enough warmth and just enough sun to keep them from dieing.

Plants love my current apartment. They get enough light in the winter to grow a little and be relatively happy, and loads in the summer. Mine grew like monsters over the summer and, a few weeks ago, I finally decided to hack them back. Every thing got at least a little bit of a trim. Some things got replanted, and one decided it didn’t like how I was treating it, so it died.

My thyme, mint and basil seem to have enjoyed the pruning. They’re all growing beautifully and tasting delicious. I even have some baby basil plants growing, thanks to saving and planting the seeds my plants made over the summer.



Baby basil

Baby basil

The lavender died. It was doing well for a while, then suddenly it gave up. So,  I bought a Christmas cactus (I love them and have been meaning to get one for a while).

Christmas cactus

It looks pink, but I think that it might actually be reddish when it blooms.

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