In the past 2 months I’ve collected three new cameras. All of them are “toy” cameras that use film. I found out about them after I stumbled on a site about lomography and fell madly in love with the SuperSampler. While I waited for my SuperSampler to arrive in the mail I started reading more about lomography and checking out other people’s pictures. The SuperSampler is super fun, but I decided to add a Diana F+ to my collection and ended up also getting a Pix Panorama. I knew the Diana F+ was going to be fun to use, but I couldn’t find anything about the Pix Panorama. All I knew was that it looked neat, was cheap, and took pictures that looked like panorama pictures (in reality, all it does is take normal pictures but it has a plastic bit inside that blocks the light from the top and bottom of the film so that you get a rectangular picture).

After the Pix Panorama arrived, I decided that I needed to find out what these cameras all did (it’s one thing to see what other people have done, but you need to play with it yourself to get a good feel about what each can or can not do). I’d already filled a few rolls of film with the SuperSampler and one with the Diana F+, so I took the Pix Panorama and SuperSampler (which had a roll that was half full) and took a whole bunch of random pictures on the way to the photo store. Two and a half weeks later I finally got around to picking up my developed film. This weekend I scanned the film and finally got a chance to see the results of my random picture taking.

I learned a few very important things:

  1. As I suspected, my dungeon (aka, basement apartment) is too dark to take pictures in unless I have a whole hella lot of light.
  2. ISO 400 or so is my friend.
  3. While I’m glad to be able to see what I’m doing with my digital camera, I also enjoy the mystery and anticipation that comes with not knowing what will be on the film.
  4. OMG, these cameras are wacky and fun.
  5. Old, expired film results in a collection of pictures that are all random and interesting colours (my one red photo is my favorite).
  6. Black and white photography isn’t as scary when you use a Diana F+.

I’ve posted all my pictures on my Flickr account: Diana F+, SuperSampler, and Pix Panorama.

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