Just a Geek

Back in the day, I was a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, despite its often cheesy stories and characters. Wesley Crusher was one of my only teen crushes who was actually a teen (I’ve had a thing for older men since the days of Han Solo). I liked this Wesley guy. He was (really) smart, endearing, and nice to his mom. It was pretty dumb of the people in charge to ignore the fact that they could have played on his potential teen idol status and make him a character that people loved, instead of a character that a lot of people where glad to see the back end of when he left. I stopped watching the show after just a few seasons, but I’ve always had a wee crush on what Wesley could have been. I bet when he grew up, he was the ultimate nerdy nice guy, which is my idea of pure awesome … so long as he isn’t afraid of venturing outside on occasion :D

But, he doesn’t really exist. All that’s left of him is some reruns and the guy who played him, Wil Wheaton. Years ago, I found out that he had a blog. I read a few entries, but I wasn’t hooked. He then wrote a couple of books that I kept meaning to check out at the library, got a little more popular on the interwebs, wrote some more, guest starred on a few TV shows, and continued to amuse and delight his growing fan base.

This week, I finally remembered to borrow “Just a Geek” from the library and I started reading it – nay, devouring it – Sunday afternoon. It’s a fanstastic book. I’ve laughed, cringed, and I gotten a wee bit of something in my eye once or twice. It’s not marketed as an autobiography, but that’s really what it is. He looks at himself, his fame, his blogs, and his growth over the years. I like that he’s just an ordinary guy leading an ordinary while struggling with regrets, past fame, and figuring out who he really is. Some of his stories don’t sound that special on the surface (oh, you went to an audition and didn’t get the part, big deal – that happens to lots of actors), but he’s a good writer and he’s funny so I keep getting sucked in and I wanted to know what happens next even though he’s not saving the world or doing anything extraordinary (though, one could make the argument that being honest as a celebrity is out of the ordinary).

I really loved the book and I can’t wait to read some of his other books.

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